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28 June 2021 - 30 June 2021
Occitania, France and the Netherlands Floating Offshore Wind Event

Market information offshore wind in the Netherland

Wind and Water Works in the Netherlands

The Dutch offshore wind supply chain and its sectoral integrated approach focuses on state-of-the-art technology, experience and expertise of major European projects. In this chain, small and large companies work with our world-leading knowledge institutions to constantly develop innovative solutions for offshore wind farms.

Dutch public and private parties have teamed up to design, develop, build, and maintain high quality offshore wind farms in the North Sea. Together, we are proving that offshore wind is a powerful solution to achieve climate goals cost effectively. Our approach provides greater certainty for project developers, increases investor confidence, and drives down overall costs. It requires dedicated teamwork, collaboration, and innovation across the board to ensure every wind farm has a safe and sustainable future. WE are keen to share our knowledge with others.

Let’s work together to utilize the full potential of offshore wind energy and show the world that wind and water works.

More information: www.windandwaterworks.nl

Offshore wind in the Netherlands

In 2020, the Netherlands installed nearly 1.5GW of offshore wind on the North Sea, which accounted for 25% of the total installed capacity worldwide in 2020! This makes the Netherlands first in Europe on 2020 installations, and second in the world after China.

 Since the birth of the offshore wind industry, the Dutch companies have been globally involved in the offshore wind sector and its developments either as Tier 1 suppliers or as Tier 2 & 3 suppliers. Part of this involvement finds its origin in the cross-over between other offshore and marine industries, such as oil & gas. A review of the Dutch parties in the offshore wind sector with strengths and potential in the general supply chain of an offshore wind farm have been identified and depicted in the table below.

Unique selling point of Dutch companies are that Dutch companies are used to work in an international environment with long experience in wind and water works. (amongst which offshore engineering). Furthermore, Dutch banks are eager to finance offshore wind farms. It is also worth noting that a number of Dutch companies are active in the development of (the technology behind) offshore floating wind farms.

Image 2: Dutch Supply Chain number of companies and experience (source: Offshore Wind in Ireland by IX Wind, November 2020)

 Image 3: Dutch Offshore Wind Farm Zones (source: RVO.nl)

Expertise Floating Wind in the Netherlands

From the seventies onward, exploration for oil & gas started in the offshore zone of the Netherlands, which gave rise to a strong offshore industry. The oil & gas projects provided Dutch companies more than 50 years of offshore knowledge and experience. The experience gained in dredging and offshore oil & gas proved very valuable for the young offshore wind industry.

The Dutch supply chain covers a broad range of suppliers, ranging from project developers to manufacturers, transport and installation contractors and research and consultancy firms. They are involved in all phases of wind farm development, from the early development to decommissioning. Most of the turnover is spent in the construction phase, by manufacturing, transport and installation.

The conditions for offshore wind energy in the Netherlands are excellent: good wind resource, sandy soils and relatively shallow waters. The vast majority of support structures for offshore wind turbines consist of monopile foundations and there is no need for floating foundations. Many Dutch offshore wind companies and institutes are, however, active in the burgeoning floating wind industry as e.g. EPCI contractor, subcontractor (turbines, anchor systems, transport and installation services) and R&D.

To support Dutch companies in floating wind HHWE and RVO will combine forces to set-up a floating wind taskforce. Purpose of the cluster/taskforce is two-fold:

  • § Knowledge & network sharing;
  • § Facilitate exposure of Dutch expertise on emerging floating wind markets.


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